The-Environmentalist was born on the 5th of October 1954 in Bottrop, Germany. He is married and a father of five children. Since the  1st  of January 2006 he has been living in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The-Environmentalist is a professional industrial manager and developer. In 1975 he passed the examination of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hamburg.


Since 1984, The-Environmentalist has been working in the field of environmental technology, chemical products, instruments, machines and manufacturing plants. Before he became self-employed in 1993, he worked as the chief executive officer of a mineral oil group. The-Environmentalist was involved in research and development in the field of new environmental technology, where he established his contacts with business partners worldwide.


In 1994, The-Environmentalist started to deal intensively with the processes for the purification of contaminated soil and other substances, developing new purifying methods and procedures. His fundamental product is the ECOREFINE - a procedure for commercial cleaning of contaminated oil, household- and medical waste, sewage- grinding- and oil sludge. Further results include almost all inorganic waste being recycled and all organic waste capable of being converted to fertiliser by using a soil and plant activator. With this invention, The-Environmentalist is encouraged to plan international projects and extend his range of environmentally friendly products and inventions for a healthier and cleaner future.


Further developments are in the field of water treatment, sewage treatment, construction, renewable energy, and reduction of CO² assets. He is also the creator and inventor of the most environmentally sensitive city of the world, the Green Industry, the University for Environment, the Blue Ecopower, the Pascal Stone and the Blue Building Concept.



Business Experience in Middle East



The-Environmentalist visited the U.A.E. for the first time in 1971. Starting with the exhibition “Germany and the Gulf” in 1995, he has met numerous local business people, one of these being a well-known Emirati citizen from Dubai. In 2000, his company, which is based in Sharjah, awarded him an environmental prize.


The successful completion of the ECOREFINE, a procedure  for commercial cleaning of contaminated oil, household- and medical waste, sewage- grinding- and oil sludge, with further results that almost all inorganic waste will be recycled and all organic waste can be converted to fertiliser with a soil and plant activator, has encouraged The-Environmentalist to plan and build further.




Guiding Principle of The-Environmentalist

Since 1984, The-Environmentalist has made significant contributions in the field of applied environmental care. Among experts, his inventions of the ECOREFINE and the water treatment plant HWT are today considered a milestone within environmental technologies.



Within the last 27 years, The-Environmentalist has met numerous politicians, representatives of economy and research as well as genuinely interested people. He came to realise that the majority of mankind swims with the current. However, we must swim against the current to achieve our aim. 


“Act! Act! That is what we are here for!”

( J.G. Fichte )


With this motto in mind, The-Environmentalist has decided to take a new direction – not only to make use of the technologies and procedures that he developed, but beyond it to create a system that helps us in thinking and acting for our environment in the most positive way.


Within this, The-Environmentalist is presenting the mainstays and cornerstones of a new path, showing the possibilities for changing the environment. It is now possible to implement these visions together, according to firm principles and regulations based on mutual trust and a common desire to undertake these significant steps.


The environmental technologies, the whole Blue Building® Concept are unique. Our target should be to do the impossible, to stop the progressing climate change; and go back to nature.



Reflections about the Environment


People write poetry about creation, the beauty and uniqueness of Mother Nature at any given occasion. The scientist researches life, plants, light and infinity daily. Still, the secret of life remains an incomprehensible miracle.


There are myriads of comments, opinions, citations, reports and books that are trying to paraphrase "environment". Many of these paraphrases correspond with each other, or are contradictory. Being overwhelmed with daily influences,which affect everybody in a different way; people have little or no time to care about nature and hence to preserve what generates life.


We trust the responsible individuals -  but do we know who these people really are?


Many refer to their environmental policies, to their (embellished) successes, but the condition of our Mother Nature is deteriorating daily - worldwide - everywhere - also at the place where you are reading these lines right now.


The most frequent answer to this change of condition is:


"I cannot change anything"


- but are we on the right track with this statement?


On closer examination, it is evident that the ambitions of many consist of greed for profit, at  the expense of the environment and our health. The awareness of our natures and humanity vanishes more and more.


Over the course of the last 30 years, the-Environmentalist has met numerous inventors who have made up fantastic environmental projects, but who have never been able to realise their plans due to the lack of real support. Combined with the Blue Building® Concept, he will make it possible for these investors to become established within his Blue Building Foundation Team and additionally, to strengthen the aim that this Foundation will become the Number One in the world within the field of environment.


Causality denotes a necessary relationship between one event (the cause) and another event (the effect),

whereby one is the direct consequence of the other.

The cognition is composed by the answer to the question of the where-from

and the connection with the where-to. Knowledge can be raised

if it encompasses the fountainhead, progress and conclusion.