Expanding the notion of sustainability into a new dimension in the construction industry:


The BLUE Building® Concept reaches beyond all conventional and often misleading superficial calculations of ultimately fictional energy savings in buildings. The true balance of environmental impact exceeds the computation of the amount of energy consumed to provide habitable conditions: taking not only the comprehensive balance during the entire life cycle - including production and recycling - into consideration but also the dynamic gain and loss generated by users and daily changes of the environment.


These projects promote a unique “Blue and Green” concept. All facilities within the projects, i.e., water, energy, air, climate control and sewage recycling are environmental-friendly, reducing the waste of energy and water without compromising highest living standards.


In the beginning of 2007, the name “BLUE BUILDING®" and "BLUE BUILDING® CONCEPT" were created.


Bespoke Designs

Large Family Home
Large Family Home
Single Family Home 'German Style'
Single Family Home 'German Style'

Single Family Standard House
Single Family Standard House
Apartment Building with Sitting Area
Apartment Building with Sitting Area
Luxury Villa
Luxury Villa
Apartment Building
Apartment Building

A key to understand the Blue Building® Concept is the recognition of water as the “source“ of all life versus any other media carrying “energy“. 


Therefore, a comprehensive concept of recycling interrelated to energy generation and conscientious consumption will prove to be the only true concept to save the environment sustainably.



Blue Building®  Concept


The Blue Building® system combines the most modern construction techniques with groundbreaking advances in sustainable building. The combination of these techniques enables bespoke, design-led buildings at low cost and in the shortest possible construction time.


All techniques and technologies used in the Blue Building® system are intended to meet or exceed the standard (passive house, zero energy house, plus energy house low energy house) in the future. The energy consumption is currently about 13.20 kWh/m²a for 5 people.


The Blue Building® Concept represents the culmination of 35 years passionate research and development into environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, techniques and working concepts in construction, renewable energy and water, enabling a cleaner and safer future for our blue planet.



Short construction time;

Completion of the shell construction after 6 days thanks to the Blue Block System, handover of keys after 45 days




Feel-well effect through harmonious construction; 

Avoidance of the Sick Building Syndrome




Indoor climate through low-impact air movement, humidity control, dust and bacteria filter;

energy saving;

natural and artificial light sources, low heat output, 

reduction of electric smog; dust filtering;

biological filter; 

supply of healthy drinking water 


Environmental Care:


Recycling of sewage waste, energy saving 


Outside area:


Cooling /Heating tent (pergola), with climate control (heated or chilled) for outdoor areas in hot summers or cold winters with approximately 26°C; 

nature with a cosy atmosphere


The wall:          


Extremely good insulation, for example in the United Arab Emirates a U-value of 0.09 w/m²K was achieved, with particularly hot outside temperatures in summer:


Surface temperature on the inside:   20,6° C

Surface temperature on the outside: 54,8° C


Thermal transmittance

U= 0.09 W/m2·K


Climate inside   20° C / 50 %

Climate outside 55° C / 80 %

Both pictures were taken on 24 July 2014 with a thermal camera to measure the insulation, with exterior wall temperatures going upto 52.1° C

The most important advantages of the BLUE BUILDING® Concept

- That makes the difference:


  1. Buildings that exceed the German passive house requirement by up to 20%. A self-

      sufficient building is in planning (incl. water & energy)

  2. No energy required from outside sources in the future (Blue EcoPower)

  3. Controlled internal air circulation: no dust particles (up to PM0,05), no pollen, no virus

      and odourless

  4. Zero emission from sewage, exhausts, and wastes; recycling of all sewage and

      organic waste,-

  5. which is used to produce fertiliser for trees, lawns and vegetables

  6. Silent and healthy radiating cooling or heating system


  7. Air Circulation system is able to reduce CO2 levels indoors by up to 47.5% compared

      to outdoor levels

  8. Additional drinking water treatment (HWT 90)

  9. Prevention of legionella formation

10. Thermally activated building mass: minimal temperature swings

11. Water saving for drinking and irrigation systems in the garden area

12. Exceptionally low thermal conductivity: U-value walls less than 0.1 and Ug-value     

      windows less than 0.5


13. Reduction of dust particles indoors up to 99.995%

14. Humidity adjustable to constant at 50-60%.

15. 110% more internal light intensity; 

      110% more UV light inside – good for occupants and plants

16. Short construction period due to prefabrication of all components and careful planning

17. A reversible cooling/heating system instead of an additional air conditioning system


18. Best sound insulation, indoors 32dB(A) during the day and 20-30 dB(A) at night


19. No mould, fungus and germs 

20. Average life span of the building of 100 years and more

21. High energy saving of all electrical appliances

22. Interior lighting, healthy light, high energy savings

23. Continuous monitoring of all parameters of the cooling and heating system for each

      building with the help of the BBD Data collection (ecological footprint)

24. Place for self-discovery, place for cosiness, - to live in harmony with nature 

The prototype of our Blue Building Concept is an accomplishment of 30 years of passionate development and research into environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, techniques and working concepts, aspiring to a cleaner and safer future for the planet.


We have been resident in the building, which is located near the Sharjah Airport, since 2014 and the results of our technology are astounding. During this period we have measured:

Electric consumption in 12 months for cooling 3980 kWh i.e. 332 kWh monthly, which equals AED 116 per month,  based on 320 m² gross
Average temperature 23 C inside, at an outdoor temperature of up to 48 C
Relative humidity 50-60%
Dust particles    Reduced by more than 99%
CO levels between 240 ppm and 840 ppm
Luminescence Measurement 1,300 lx, which is higher than in a photo studio. No artificial light is needed during the day.
Noise Sound Level Measurements* Average 43.3 dB indoors, while outside it goes upto 90 dB.

* Within the flight path of Sharjah Airport

(click on image to enlarge)
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Our target should be to achieve the impossible…..


Stop the progressing climate change and go back to nature. Handover a healthy world to our children.


The BLUE BUILDING® Concept has a unique “blue” planning strategy that propagates within its projects conscious environmentally friendly facilities for water, energy, air, climate control, sewage and water recycling. The result is a reduction of energy and water which is significantly higher than average.


In 2014, the Blue Building Concept was certified with the


“Gold Label Status”


by Joachim Schubach, publicly appointed and sworn expert in association with DGNB


“The Association for Sustainable Building”


This status includes the following facts:


In terms of sustainability, the Blue Building Concept® is a proven leader in sustainable construction.



The future of building technology is focused on sustainable construction - The Blue Building® Concept will offer a new standard in sustainable and energy-efficient construction in the future.


The BLUE BUILDING® Concept can be characterized as: