Our first Blue Building project; a new Residential Villa in the Mountains of Ras Al Khaimah. The project has been completed in 2010.


To cool down the rooms, a cool water pipe grid has been installed in the plaster of the ceiling. This system of silent cooling is much healthier than the vents of conventional air conditioning systems. This system is working with radiation, so the comfort remains the same, even with higher outside temperatures. The UAE sometimes has very high humidity levels, but it is possible to cool rooms depending on the humidity. It makes sense to minimise air exchange in summer with its high temperatures and humidity. To recycle the air, the system will increase the oxygen rate and decrease the CO2 rate. By using a condensation unit, the air is stabilised to comfortable and healthy levels.


A heat pump with an energy value of 4.5 to 5 is used to generate cooling energy. This means that 1 kWh of electrical power produces 4.5 to 5 kWh of thermal cooling power. In winter, when there is sometimes a need to heat the building, the pump can work in reverse to produce heating energy with almost the same energy value.


A special system will also be used building the windows and glassed doors of the building. In the UAE, commonly  very dark and tinted sun-protection-glasses are used. Every thermal scientist knows that even the use of such protection-glasses will still input high values of sun-radiation and heating-energy into the building that must be cooled down by the AC-System, using high energy-efforts. In the case of this low energy building, there will be used triple-glazed window with normal heat-protection-glass and a heat protected frame. 

Controlled air circulation:


Since in the UAE it is not possible to open windows during summer time to let in fresh air in (temperatures of 50°C and above), a controlled air circulation system is required.


The Blue Building fresh air system is a method of comfortable and controlled ventilation that creates optimal living quality.


The technology of heat and cold recovery, benefits the environment, the building and the occupants alike by being energy efficient while providing an optimal indoor climate.


The combination with component cooling results in very low (approx. 0.4-0.6/h) air exchange rates and thus minimal energy costs, no occurrence of draughts, and minimal space requirements for the air ducts. The system ensures fresh air and good health. 

Cooling - New roads in Climate Techniques

Advantages of capillary tube mats


For temperature regulation water capillary vessels have succeeded; so for example in the leaves of plants or beneath the human skin. Water will conduct heat 1000 times faster - it is much more effective.


Capillary tube systems use this evolutionary technology for the regulation of room climate with best results. An innovative cooling system will be integrated in the ceilings. Since water is used as the medium, typical negative effects associated with forced air causing hazards to the health, can be avoided.


This system is adjustable. A central and cost efficient chilling unit will provide cold water, saving up to 85 % energy.