The Scream of our Environment


Just 25 Years?


In possibly only 25 years,

we will face unsolvable environmental problems,

everyone can foresee that.


Politicians of all parties show deep concern,

environment protectors demand immediate measures,

the press feels justified by environmental catastrophes.


Everyone knows everything,


but it's always the others who are guilty.



Adage 1995















Blue Building Holding, with focus on

the environment and the eye for details


A cautionary tale...



The centre point are the actions of the human being


Lets start with some thought provoking facts…

  • A child dies every 20 seconds and an adult every 14 seconds as a result of polluted drinking water
  • A day spent inhaling air in central Milan, Italy is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes
  • A European Union study claimed that every year 310,000 people die in Europe prematurely from heart disease and circulatory disorders caused by Diesel exhaust and other fine dust particles.
  • Fine dust particles can be fatal. They reduce the life span of people in the western world on average by 9 months.


In the last decades, Antarctica has lost more ice than what has been added to it by annual precipitation. In 2006, this net loss amounted to approximately 196 Gigatons (1 Gigaton = 1 Billion tons)


To put this into perspective: 6215 tons, which is equal to 155 trucks( of 40 tons each)… are melting every second. The reason is the 5⁰ C increase in the last 15 years.



And what is mankind doing??


                                                     … continues to destroy our environment





Weather Records 2002 -2005

August 2002:    
Floods in Dresden

Economic damage: 16 Billion €



Summer 2003:
Heat wave in Europe   
app. 70,000 heat-related fatalities, the largest humanitarian natural catastrophe in Europe for hundreds of years


47,3°C (Alentejo, Portugal, 01.08.2003)
Economic damage: 13 Billion €


Hurricane season 2004:
The first ever hurricane in the South Atlantic Ocean;


March 2004:
Hurricane Catarina in front of Brazil;
Record Hurricane in Caribbean and Florida;
Economic damage: 62 Bill. US$ (all 4)


August 2005

Hurricane Katrina


Largest insured damages ever!

Economic damage:  125 Bill. US$
Deaths:                     1,299


Hurricane Katrina was the sixth strongest hurricane ever recorded.

Weather records 2005:   


July 26, 2005
Amount of precipitation within 24 hours in India:
July 26, 2005, Mumbai, 944 mm


Economic damage:    5 Bill. US$
Deaths:                      1,150 


August – flood in Alpine region
Economic damage: 3 Bill. US$


1984  Bhopal
Indian officials say 10,000 to 12,000 people were killed.

Bhopal activists and health workers say more than 20,000 people have died over the years due to gas-related illnesses, such as lung cancer, kidney failure and liver disease. Indian officials estimate that nearly 600,000 more have become ill or had babies born with congenital defects over the last 20 years

2010  Oil spill gulf of Mexico           

2008  5 huge plastic vortex         

1989  Exxon Valdez         

1986  Tschernobyl
1984  Bhopal                                  

1976  Seveso                               

1960  Aral Sea


just a few examples,… out of thousand`s

We seem to be building the tower of Babel - With Rubbish



Blue Building wants to give millions voices, the opportunity to change the environment in the most sensitive way….


And we need your help

The drab monotony of everyday life?


Our nature is deteriorating every day, millions die of disease and famine, water supplies are diminishing or are being poisoned, forests are vanishing, animal species are disappearing


….what are the people in power really doing about these issues?


                                                                         ...Making hugh profits at the world expense!


So, what can we do about it? The most frequent answer of “I cant do anything alone” has to change; by rallying together.


The master key to our future is what we, the individuals can do today by banding together


Independently and well as in close collaboration with governments, corporates and the people we will focus on finding a neutral and right solution to change the environment in the best possible way.