Blue Building vs. Green Building



First and foremost we want to point out clearly the difference between Green Building and Blue Building Concept. It does not only open new possibilities to become a brand leader; it carries into effect to conserve with our nature.



“Green Building”


The “Green Building Concept” describes, in accordance to the inclusion of international experiences and knowledge, how one can do more for climate protection with “Green Building”.  Already in 1977 the German Government “Deutscher Bundestag” passed the law “Wärmeschutzverordnung - WSchV”; plainly speaking: the Green Building concept is a reflection of this rule.


(Interesting fact: the European Union with 28 States and a population of over 491 million people, took over 98 % of the German DIN Law)


“Green Building” is not a complete and all-embracing “concept” for the protection of environment and climate, the saving of energy and the recycling of resources. The international norm especially for the construction of buildings and houses are (in our opinion) not realized and converted with the “Green Building Concept”. Therefore the “Green Building Concept” is not directly comparable with the “Blue Building Concept”. 

"Blue Building"


Quite different than in other countries, where PR orientated Green Building models predominate; the Blue Building Concept is a reliable quality system, based on scientific knowledge and enforced by a proven German quality system and law. To meet these requirements the Blue Building Concept encompasses environmentally compatible usage of natural resources, highest energy efficiency, healthy materials, room air condition and accessibility; technically as well as economically optimized, concept-oriented for the total phase of life, at least the task comprises the integral design of a healthy and sustainable environment. The implementation of the most advanced methods of recycling and cleaning will raise the standards of dealing responsibly and creatively with the natural resources.