Blue Building Holding Ltd.

Blue Building Holding Ltd. is a company registered at Company House under License Number 688865, Scotland, United Kingdom, providing environmental consultancy services.


Changing our environment!


Time is of the essence


What do you want from the future?

Greenery or a barren countryside?

Clear or polluted air?

Clean or dirty water?

Fertile topsoil or rubbish dumps?



We at Blue Building Holding have set ambitious goals...


... with health conscious, sustainable constructions that have low carbon emissions.


Relieving our environment with the Blue Building Technology by offering the best possible economical and ecological efficiency.


Blue Building Concept - The Future


Under the leadership of the strong network of Blue Building®, that has committed themselves to the protection of the environment and to sustainable economic development, BBC Group will play a main role in developing a unique waste disposal system here with the further aim of constructing the most modern and efficient ecological research laboratory in the world. Subsidiaries will be founded worldwide, which will support our environment in the respective country as an independent company. Our aim is to achieve our goals with the help of these subsidiaries and partners to act together for our projects in their specific field, with their abilities and their knowledge. The German innovations and developments will be exported worldwide from Germany “Made in Germany”.


On the international level, the necessity to save energy has led to the introduction of technologies different from conventional construction methods in recent years. However, along with the improved insulation against energy loss new hazards are occurring. The improper use of materials and inadequate technologies has caused a dramatic increase of problems related to the built environment. Today, these problems are summarized under the term “Sick-Building-Syndrome”.


The compliance with physical laws is becoming increasingly more important as the interrelated effects of energy, humidity, and well-being are better understood. The task encompasses the integral design of a healthy and sustainable environment. The implementation of the most advanced methods of recycling and cleaning will raise the standards of dealing responsibly and creatively with the natural resources.


With this organizational concept and innovation of new and unique products, we are capable to offer support from planning, consulting, and constructing over the lowest operating costs, to be the voice of environment, worldwide as a unique concept.



Why Blue?


With the Blue Building Concept, we are able to provide innovative products to offer support during planning and construction, as well as consulting during all stages, while ensuring lowest operation costs. Our advantage is the highly specialized expertise of our team of German engineers, whose innovations are in synergy with the laws of nature. Together with business partners from the Middle East versed in construction, marketing and real estate, we create a partnership of Know-How.


The Blue Building Concept is founded on the long term experience of accomplished engineers, physicists, environmentalists and industry specialists.


The “Blue Building Concept” illustrates projects, which are realized with complete and an all-embracing protection of environment and climate. These projects involve the latest standards of science and technologies as well as the legal requirements of environmental and climatic protection, saving of energy, water and other important resources, projected with Know-How, realized with stringent quality controls.


The following essentials are:


  • Buildings and houses, foundations, external and internal walls, roofs, windows, doors etc. are manufactured, erected and mounted in accordance to the newest requirements for environmental and climate protection and saving of energy regulated by the German degree EnEV.
  • After completion, every building receives an energy pass, as required in Europe, which indicates explicitly the used construction materials and construction elements as well as the energy consumption. For the Middle East this would be a new era for the environmental , climatic protection and energy-saving.
  • The outside areas, like roads, underground and the urban infrastructure, parks and gardens etc. are built in an energy-saving, recyclable, environmentally and climatically friendly way.
  • Waste water is being cleaned and reused as industrial water for irrigation.
  • All kinds of waste are, after cleaning in special recycling plants, reusable. More information can be found on this website.


With the “Blue Building Concept” a complete and all-embracing environment and climate protection system becomes true.