Blue Ecopower


It is not only cheaper than conventional non-renewable energy sources, but also, and most importantly, renewable ...more

HWT Treatment


In many regions of the world the quality of drinking water is quite insufficient. Analyses of that water often show high levels...more

Pascal Stones


The crystalline alumo-silicates Pascal Stone has the characteristic to absorb water vapor...more

Products for Auto Repair Shops


Extremely versatile and easy to use these products...more

More of Our Products


Together with his partner, The-Environmentalist is working on optimizing several products that are...more

Ecorefine Technology


The ECOREFINE technology puts an end to this problem through its astonishing ability to recycle 99% ...more

Blue Sewage


Employing Mineral Fertilizers in the cleaned ECOREFINE dried organic waste, changing to compost or humus...more

Blue Building Recycling


Free of pollution processing and re-utilizing household waste and similar garbage...more

Other Inventions


The Environmentalists does not rest in his quest. He adds on to his list ... more

Guiding Principals

Blue Building Foundation guarantees a sustainable environment during the entire ... more