The Celestial - The Most Environmentally Friendly Hotel in the World

The First 5 plus 3 Star Hotel


The “Celestial” - a new, extraordinary, remarkable and luxurious hotel & spa resort with very special ecological and economic aspects. These are united in the shape of a tetrahedron - an idea initiated by The-Environmentalist in 2002 and since then further developed by The-Environmentalist and his group.



The Celestial Project should be the undisputed Number 1 health and wellness centre in the world. To achieve this, a wide range of the most effective therapies from around the world must be offered in one place. These therapies should come from homeopathic, complementary and alternative medicine concepts.



Especially exceptional is the unique architecture, developed by the Blue Building Team. Physical aspects have been examined, the landscape design and the concept of the health garden are being elaborated by the Blue Building Group, consisting of landscape architects, medical doctors and experts in naturopathy and wellness, as well as experts in interior design. This will be done in close cooperation with the regional partner and the government under the leadership of Blue Building Holding.



The Hotel & Spa Experience Resort


The “Celestial” - the future landmark of its location. Its extraordinary architecture combined with its impressive size will make it visible from afar. The hotel will be unique in many respects, set new standards for the hotel and construction industry and attract a large number of guests from all over the world.


“The Celestial” is planned as “The Hotel & Spa Experience Resort”


with the focus on nature, health and ecology.



The tetrahedron opens visually and geometrically on the general access level to its own lake (125,000m²). Thus a landing stage for spectacular events extends into the sea, providing promenading and leisure passages. 


The entire interior design and the surface materials are specially adapted to the tetrahedron-shaped concept and, for the most part, are made only for this edifice: natural stones, inlays, wood work and noble metal. Environment- and health aspects will play an important role in deciding on natural and artificial materials. The entire heating and cooling system will be completely redesigned. All in all, the most environmentally friendly hotel in the world will be created.


Above the main reception on the 15th floor, an approx. 75 m large air space will be created, which will shape the interior of the tetrahedron. A modern and mystical, contemplative mood will characterise this hall. Restrained elegance with slight folding of the balustrade cladding will create a distinctive ambience.


Ornaments carefully matched in form and colour impress with their extremely high-quality workmanship.


Three light openings across the entire wall near the lifts allow daylight to flow into the depths of the interior, support the reference to the outside and improve orientation in the building.



A lift will provide direct access to the top of the tetrahedron with its “Celestial Restaurant”. From there, spectacular views into the distance will be possible.



Guest rooms:                        


          1,265  Junior Suites 72 m² with 2 Rooms

          166     Senior Suites 200 m²

          14       Royal Suites  Floor 35 to 39 between 320 and 800 m²

          1         Celestial Suite with approx. 850 m²                


Total:  1,446 Suites


40 levels with junior suites, senior suites and royal suites will be accessed via 57 glass and closed lifts. The way to the room leads through hallways with a rhythmic structure in their balustrade area, creating entry areas of varying sizes in front of the rooms and giving structure to the hallways. Lounge areas are designed with armchairs and tables, allowing a gentle approach to the suites and offering a space for spending time, meeting people and looking around.


At regular intervals, independent escape staircases are located as well as supply rooms for the levels.


The individual rooms are accessible from the hallway via an entry hall with access to the bathroom, through the bedroom into the living room. Rooms have a size of up to 70 m², the corner suite up to 200 m² and the royal suite up to 850 m². In the regular suites, the sleeping area and the living area are separated by means of glass sliding elements.


Exotic wood constructions and glass surfaces with special ornamentation are used as materials inside the rooms. High quality fitted carpets, desk, mini bar, 2 TVs as well as suitcase racks complete the interior. The bathroom is integrated into the entry area, including a washbasin, shelf and small cabinets and is connected through a glass sliding door to the bathing and showering area.


Two suites can be combined through a wall-like sliding door to form a double suite of approx. 140 m².



In general, all features are of the best and highest quality in correspondence to the luxury hotel standard of the resort. This also includes the technical equipment such as air conditioning, the electrical system as well as the locking system, telephone, TV and Internet connection.

Food and Beverage


“Sky Lobby“ with restaurant “The Tip”


The restaurant area consists of various restaurants, cafés and leisure areas on the three levels at the top of the tetrahedrons. It offers an incomparable view of the “Celestial Health Garden” as well as its own lake, which is specially illuminated at night.


The restaurants and cafés cater to special diets, wellness cuisine, nutrition and weight management. They offer healthy, tasty natural food in different interesting variations (oriental, Asian, European).


Several further restaurants are also located in the adjacent shopping centre.



Banquets, conferences and events


Several conference rooms and the huge “Celestial” ballroom with a height of up to three storeys are located on a site of several thousand square metres. A common foyer opens up the ballroom and the adjoining conference rooms on both sides.





A shopping area will extend over three floors in the lower part of the tetrahedron. This area will be primarily home to elegant boutiques, specialist shops and fine restaurants. The shopping area has three tetrahedron-shaped 'air spaces' incised from top to bottom, allowing a variety of views between the three different levels of shops and restaurants. Visitors will not only experience an exquisite shopping experience, but also an environment that encourages them to linger and enjoy the atmosphere.



Health and Beauty Area


The Celestial should be the undisputed Number 1 health and wellness centre in the world. To achieve this, a wide range of the most effective therapies from around the world must be offered in one place. These therapies should come from homeopathic, complementary and alternative medicine concepts.


The therapies are divided into different categories from around the world. In the therapy areas, various forms of massage and physiotherapy, special medical treatments such as traditional Far Eastern medicine, Taiji, fitness, yoga and other relaxation activities are offered.


Of course, a certain percentage of novel therapies will also be offered, which have the potential to become top therapies and highlights in the Celestial Health project in the near future. There are some therapies that have this potential.



Celestial Health Park


The health park is a green oasis covered with lakes, waterfalls, green plants, a petting zoo, children’s playground and other special highlights. The guests pass through the park before getting access to the Hotel & Spa Experience Resort. In our daily life, we are facing busy traffic, hectic and noise. When visitors set their foot in the health park area, they will be embraced by peace and serenity. The park is open to all visitors of the hotel. The Hotel & Spa Experience Resorts Welcome area and security check area are integral parts of the park.



Spa Garden


The Spa Garden surrounds the tetrahedron shaped smaller spa buildings. At lower ground level, there is a cave pool with several beaches, a waterfall, relaxing areas and a pool landscape with green plants.


The cave area has several windows integrated in the ceiling, creating a mysterious underground atmosphere while utilizing the natural light and blue sky from outside as illumination.


The cave pool has a water temperature of app. 28°C; warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.


Special nocturnal light effects illuminate the rocks, the underground area, the lake and the four tetrahedrons.


Cooling/heating tent areas cool or heat the temperature to a comfortable approx. 28°C. These special air-conditioned areas allow guests to relax, refresh and enjoy the outdoor facilities in the tents during hot summers or cold temperatures in winter.


Additionally, plants and flowers, shrubs and trees are integrated in some areas in specially adapted UV radiation, so that even exotic plants that are not native to the area find healthy living conditions. This enhances the guests' experience through the beautiful sights and scents they experience when walking through these areas.


In addition to the impressive tetrahedron buildings, further attractions are the artificial rocks that shields the resort area from the outside, the groves and the cooling areas and the large, man-made lake with its bays and beaches.


Small boats are available to enjoy the view of the resort from the lake.



Further Facilities



Hairdressers and retail shops are available for day visitors and hotel guests. The Hotel & Spa Experience Resort offers a fully equipped gym with instructors, swimming pools, relaxation areas and various outdoor activities, in addition to the wellness spa area and health club with swimming, relaxation and spa treatments.

The Blue Building Concept


Combined with the environmentally friendly Blue Building technologies within the hotel (air conditioning, sewage system, water recycling, fresh and filtered air without pollution, etc.) in combination with the relaxation areas and last but not least the restaurants offering healthy and tasty natural food, the entire Celestial will be an exceptional place for recreation, wellness and healing.


Anyone interested in wellness or a healthy lifestyle in the future simply cannot avoid the Celestial.