Under the leadership of a strong network, Blue Building is committed to environmental protection and sustainable economic development in cooperation with the government of the respective country. Blue Building will play an important role in the development of a unique waste management system in Blue City, with the further aim of establishing the most modern and efficient ecological research laboratory.


From here, subsidiaries will be established around the world to work as independent companies for our environment in their respective countries.



The necessity to save energy has led to the introduction of technologies on an international level in recent years that differ from conventional construction methods. However, with improved insulation against energy loss new problems are emerging. The improper use of materials and inadequate technologies have led to a dramatic increase in environmental pollution in buildings. These problems are today summarised under the term “sick building syndrome”. 


Compliance with physical laws becomes increasingly important the better one understands the interactions between energy, humidity and well-being. The task of the Blue Building Concept includes the holistic design of a healthy and sustainable environment. The introduction of the most modern recycling and cleaning methods will raise the standards for responsible and creative use of natural resources. Some of the most innovative inventions will be used on a larger scale for the first time in the Blue City.


With its team, organisation and product innovations, Blue Building is able to provide support from design to consultancy and construction to the lowest running costs, to be the voice of the environment as a unique concept in the world.


Who wouldn’t want to live in Blue City?

Technical Data:


Site:                    2390 x 3170                                                    7.6 Mio. m²    in      100 %


Private sites

12,500 villas / flats between with land

between 280 and 800 m² (% approx.)                                        4.3 Mio. m²               57 %


Sites for the shopping mall and fashion boutique

grocery's, coffee-shops, pharmacy's, doctors, kiosks

(% approx.)                                                                                 0.4 Mio. m²                5 %


Sites for public buildings

Mosques, Schools, Kindergartens, Hospitals,

Old People's Home, Community Building (% approx.)               0.4 Mio. m²                5 %


Sites for public places

Roads, Pedestrian and Cycle Tracks, Leisure Park,

playgrounds (% approx.)                                                             2.5 Mio. m²              33 %


In detail:


Leisure park site:                                                                      0.35  Mio. m²

Lake                                                                                          0.10  Mio. m²


Shopping mall and shops                                                          0.35  Mio. m²

Two floors shopping mall

Selling area                                                                               0.45  Mio. m² 

Warehouse area                                                                       0.10  Mio. m²


Third floor offices                                                                      0.21  Mio. m²

The ‘Blue City’ has recognised the trend towards uncompromising, eco-friendly and ecological comfort. It offers a level of design, attention to detail, security and service normally associated with five-star luxury resorts at a reasonable price.


The houses and buildings can be built in all modern and international construction styles. Modern shopping facilities, schools, a medical centre are placed around the residential complex. The art of architectural design, watercourses combined with cooling and heating systems and cooled/heated tents allow residents and visitors to spend time outdoors even in winter. Around 70,000 people can live in the entire city.



The  Villas


Lovely styled energy saving detached or duplex villas in different international designs, available from 120 m² up to 160 m².

Light transportation system (BLUE TRAIN subway)


Independent of above ground traffic congestion and weather condition the subway will not only transport humans, this is the only option to transport the conventional goods in and between the cities. Environmentally friendly, safety and economically are in the foreground. Fast and in time with the BLUE TRAIN, we tread the next century. Efficiency, logistic and German Quality, the experience of the partner of the Blue Building is the key to success.


Blue Building will design a subway for the  Blue City, that will provide a systematic and very convenient for everyone, it is designed into an underground with a small tunnel measuring for about 3m and 6m deep, included elevator or lift for easy access in the train like taxi with 8 passengers capacity in the 45 subway station.


It is systematic and convenient in a way that it can lessen for about 40% to 70% of traffic, it is the safest and fastest way to go anywhere. Designed for people who not only want waste time, just to go to their desired places, - for people, who want to live with a safety traffic system. One important thing is unlike train and bus that will stop in every station just to drop and pick the passengers. In subway, passengers doesn’t need to wait for other passengers, there is no stopping in every station, there will be also services people who are ready to help passenger to carry shopping goods.


This subway is the first in the world designed by Blue Building for innovation and technology, that will help the people and as well as in the country. The pollution will be reduced in this city by more than 50 %.

Blue City School


For a special city, the planners of the “Blue City” also created a special design for the school. Well located, the school should be easily accessible not only by residents, but also from outside.


But this school is not only a visual landmark: Good indoor air quality and a good indoor climate contribute significantly to the well-being and health of students in the classrooms. Especially in warmer regions of the world, ventilation is not possible just by opening the windows. Therefore, adequate ventilation is ensured by the Blue Building Concept. Controlled air circulation in conjunction with the BAPS air purification system provides each classroom with a constant supply of fresh air while removing stale air from people, vapors from materials, and heat and moisture loads.


Studies have shown that high CO₂ concentrations in indoor air can lead to concentration difficulties and fatigue. As early as 1858, Max von Pettenkofer recognized that a CO₂ concentration below 1000 ppm would “substantially strengthen the health of our youth.” Today, this value is known as the “Pettenkofer number”.


In addition, it is planned that this school will also accommodate children with learning difficulties and special needs. Special education is an education for students with various disabilities that takes into account their individual educational needs and aims at the full development of their abilities and their independence and participation in society. Education for students with special needs and learning difficulties will be provided in individualized forms, which will include support rooms and special classes that provide the best opportunities for individual needs.



Environmental protection will also be a common thread throughout the school years. Back to nature - this is how our children should learn environmental and nature awareness already in kindergarten. In the planned environmental lessons, the overuse of natural resources and its consequences will be addressed in an age-appropriate and experience-oriented manner and related to the children's own behavior. The goal is to sensitize our children to the overuse of resources as an environmental problem and to motivate them at an early age to behave in a way that conserves resources, making them aware of the consequences of their actions for the future of their environment.