The ‘Blue City’ - A new Residential Community


As the name suggests, the natural aspects of the residential community will distinguish the community from other developments. Nestled in the lush landscape of a newly created forest, the focus of the 'Blue City' is on a man-made lake creating the image of an oasis. The park offers additional facilities for leisure and entertainment.


The ‘Blue City’ has recognised the trend towards uncompromising, eco-friendly and ecological comfort. It offers a level of design, attention to detail, security and service normally associated with five-star luxury resorts at a reasonable price.


The houses and buildings can be built in all modern and international construction styles. Modern shopping facilities, schools, a medical centre are placed around the residential complex. The art of architectural design, watercourses combined with cooling and heating systems and cooled/heated tents allow residents and visitors to spend time outdoors even in winter. Around 70,000 people can live in the entire city.

The Celestial - The first 5 plus 3 Star Resort in the World


The “Celestial” - a new, extraordinary, remarkable and luxurious hotel & spa resort with very special ecological and economic aspects. These are united in the shape of a tetrahedron - an idea initiated by The-Environmentalist in 2002 and since then further developed by The-Environmentalist and his group.


The Celestial Project should be the absolute number one health and wellness centre in the world. To achieve this, a wide range of the most effective therapies from around the world must be offered in one place. These therapies should come from homeopathic, complementary and alternative medicine and treatment concepts.


Especially exceptional is the unique architecture, developed by the Blue Building Team. Physical aspects have been examined, the landscape design and the concept of the health garden are being elaborated by the Blue Building® Group, consisting of landscape architects, medical doctors and experts in naturopathy and wellness, as well as experts in interior design. This will be done in close cooperation with the regional partner and the government under the leadership of Blue Building® Holding.