ECOREFINE for Medical Waste

Safe and environmentally friendly disposal of infectious waste while still cost saving.


Increasing numbers of infectious waste produced by health care, the rapid increase of the world population, diseases like SARS, bird flu, BSE and natural disasters – a development, which confronts ever more complex tasks to the waste disposal industry. The most sensible treatment of biologically contaminated materials consists in converting them into household refuse or recycling in a manner that ensures elimination of pathogen.


Incineration of medical waste is increasingly becoming criticized because of:


– high levels of dioxin and furane in  the exhaust emissions

– contamination of resultant ash  by heavy metals

– high costs for flue gas decontamination plants



Due to the high proportion of synthetic materials, the biological problem turns into a chemical problem during incineration. Result: Incineration is no longer acceptable due to high pollution by emissions and contaminated ash. That is why environmental offices in some countries already ban the incineration of medical waste – hence, alternative, environmentally safe technologies are in demand.

Ecorefine Sterilization Plant for treatment of biologically contaminated materials
Ecorefine Sterilization Plant for treatment of biologically contaminated materials

Ecorefine Sterilization Plant for treatment of biologically contaminated materials


The cleanest, most environmentally friendly, safest and at the same time most cost-effective solution is the sterilization of medical waste.


Benefits of the ECOREFINE-Technology:


- no polluting emissions

- no pollution of waste water

- no chemical additives during sterilization

- only electricity or gas and water as sources of energy

- no additional costs for transport of dangerous goods

- safe compliance with legal regulations


Whether in solids or liquids – not one germ survives.


Guaranteed sterilization of infectious waste can only be achieved by defined size reduction taking place prior to thermal treatment. The special shredder from ECOREFINE produces an optimal, homogeneous base material for guaranteed sterilization.


Liquids contained in the waste? No problem.



Liquids contained in the waste can be filtered and purified. Depending on the nature of the liquid, reselling is an additional option.

Together with the solid materials, the ECOREFINE system pumps the liquids into the sterilisation chamber. Rapid heating is ensured by the efficient steam generator.



Alternating steam pressure phases prevent air traps and ensure a homogeneous and fast heat transfer. Sterilisation takes place under optimal saturated steam conditions. The unique stirring device in the sterilisation chamber ensures extremely intensive steam penetration. Unpleasant emissions are reduced by an integrated odour filter system with a combination of activated carbon and mineral filter elements. Due to its compact modular design, the ECOREFINE system has a throughput capacity of 300 kg up to well over 1000 kg per hour.