Blue EcoPower

The best ecological footprint for healthy living at minimal expense



Today, two systems exist in the market, which apply vacuum technology:


  • ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a well-known and widely spread form of energy production, mostly in biomass and geothermal applications, but a great rise in solar and heat recovery applications is also expected. Environmental concern over climate change and rising oil prices are powerful reasons supporting the explosive growth of this efficient, clean and reliable way of producing electricity.
  • Zeolite adsorption technology which cools down beverage casks and food containers from room temperature to 5°C in seconds.

The-Environmentalist, being a proven inventor in vacuum technology, is convinced that these two systems can be combined and developed to produce the BlueEcopower unit which will produce at least double the electrical and thermal energy (heating and cooling) of an ORC unit and thereby create the best ecological footprint.




Once upon a time there was a saying from Germany:



“Our power comes from the socket”



But only few people have the knowledge how the power gets into the socket.


However that may be, Blue EcoPower comes from nature.

General Product Description

The latest Solartherm Blue EcoPower is a complete system to exploit sources at low temperature. This Solartherm Blue EcoPower converts supplied heat into electric energy and excess heat. Blue EcoPower is 3-5 times cheaper than conventional power generation. The system is designed to work autonomously and controls all inner aggregates corresponding to the user settings. Being a closed loop system it is simple to integrate the Solarterm Blue Ecopower into existing environments. In order to achieve optimum results, we recommend to combine the Solarterm Blue Ecopower-Energy product spectrum.

Further, we want to inform that there is no comparable (Hybrid) Solar plant on the market.

Normally, consumers are using only one system: solar thermic or photovoltaic. Only a few of them are using both technologies in one plant. 


Blue EcoPower means
to take on responsibility
with a great opportunity



The Blue Building Concept is much more than being the next generation of Green Buildings. It realises the ideals of living with nature whilst saving and protecting the environment. This concept is the result of over 15 years intensive research, with international partners who have substantial experience in enviromental and sustainable engineering.


Blue EcoPower brings together the Pascal Stone principal, thermal, cooling, micro turbines and other modern technologies, in conjunction with selected solar and daylight technologies. With the combination which produces energy from a minimum outside temperature as low as 23°C; the advantages are exceptional and include:


· No CO2 emission
· 100% recyclable
· No chemicals
· Small space requirement
· Very low cost: Blue EcoPower means £ 0.015 for 1 kWh
· Long term production of energy with minimal maintenance

The best ecological footprint


Without doubt, Blue EcoPower is the most exciting advancement in renewable energy technology of this century. At a production cost of around


£ 0.015 per kWh


it is not only cheaper than conventional non-renewable energy sources, but also, and most importantly, renewable and easily generated without negative environmental effects. Blue EcoPower is most easily produced in warmer climates above 23°C. However, when combined with proprietary “RANO -Technology”, energy can be produced at any temperature and can therefore be a permanent source of energy, day or night, in any location around the globe.


The system is based on Pascal Stone Technology using Zeolite Adsorption and Organic Ranking Cycle combined with advanced vacuum technology.


The result is the ability to produce electrical and thermal energy and, conversely, to chill water to minus 15°C. Once again, like all the other technologies in the Blue Building Concept, Blue EcoPower is scalable and economical. It can be used as a closed loop system for energy production whilst providing interior cooling and heating for a single house, but most significantly, it can be used on any scale up to and including a national system for power generation.


The know-how for these technologies goes back many years; especially the comprehensive understanding of Pascal Stones which has been developed over a period of more than 25 years.

Today, the Blue EcoPower System solar-hybrid plant not only outperforms other, better known renewable energy technologies like wind power and Photovoltaic, it is more cost effective than any other form of energy production in the market. Blue EcoPower, through its use of the Pascal Stone system, which uses no water and no chemicals, is able to produce both hot and cold water (to minus 15°C). Additionally Blue EcoPower is able to operate both night and day simply using exterior heat (without sunlight), starting from outside temperatures of 23°C.


In fact, the Blue EcoPower System plant can provide a large part of the thermal energy needs of residential buildings, while simultaneous producing electricity. With adequate heat sinks, known from the power plant technology, the system can be installed on a large-scale and will be wired up for electricity production. In the event that a heat pump shall be integrated into the system, heat supply can be guaranteed throughout the year. In this case, the user is able to completely abandon conventional heating - an advantage, which is very important in modern times of exhaustible raw materials and more expensive oil and gas commodities.

In order that the Blue EcoPower System solar-hybrid plant is not only in the range of renewable energy technologies like wind power and Photovoltaic, it even shows clear advantages by the use of both electric and thermal technologies.


A specially developed light throws electrons along their natural gyrating path (around their Atomic Nucleus) with high intensity into the material. As the molecular structure is modified, the material will change everlastingly. This modification of the molecular structure becomes stabilised and mineralised during light bombarding and mixing with a fluid. The electrons fill the vacant places of thrown electrons.


The crystal form can be shaped differently to the original material and the parameters of the modification. The accrued crystals on the surface are now mechanically not removable anymore (rubbed off, dusted down etc.). No matter how hard you try to destroy this, the crystalline inorganic material remains present in the organic substrate of the boundary layers, which acts as focal points for the formation of cement stone.

Irridiation System


We are living in a modern world, a world in which our fossil fuels are decreasing rapidly.

For a long time scientists knew that by storing the energy of  90 minutes of sunlight daily would be enough to meet the world's energy needs for one year.


Quantum mechanics teaches us that we are surrounded by and with energy.

Quantum Mechanics (Also used in  RANO Technology) cannot yet be fully understood - a fact which has to be accepted for now. However, the experience that the Environmentalist has gained through his own experiments conducted over a period of more than 20 years, shows that energy can be produced out of Nothing - contrary to conventional notions that can be found published everywhere. It shows that we stand at the beginning of superlatives. Nothingness, the vacuum, nearly abso-lute emptiness are forces one can say 'can be replicated'.

In some areas, physics needs to be rewritten; we can produce energy from natural resources which guarantees humanity an emission-free production of energy in the future. To give an example, heating 1 litre water from 15°C to 100°C, requires 0.1 kW of energy. The use of Pascal Stones combined with RANO Technology and other physical conditions would reduce this amount of energy to about 0.005 kW.

RANO Technology, which is a part of the manufacturing process for the Pascal Stones, shows that we are able to modify surface durability and bring other positive characteristics (such as significantly reducing the drying process of Pascal Stones to only seconds compared to that required for zeolites). Pascal Stones, coming from a natural source, can be used in many fields of the environment as the attached pictures clearly show.

The RANO Technology is useful for the economy in that (first cautiously calculations) it is possible to get 1 MW energy out of a 1 m³ vacuum cuboid in the future.