The Pascal Stone Technology

The Future of Building Physics


The crystalline alumo-silicates Pascal Stone has the characteristic to absorb water vapor, to attach it to its surface and to deliver heat at the same time.


The Know-How and comprehensive understanding of Pascal Stones has been developed and enhanced over a period of more than 25 years. Today, the Blue Ecopower System solar-hybrid plant not only outperforms other, better known, renewable energy technologies like wind power and photovoltaic, it is also more cost efficient than any other form of energy production on the market.


Blue Ecopower, through its use of the Pascal Stone System which uses no water and no chemicals, is able to produce both hot and cold water (to -15 degrees). Additionally, Blue Ecopower is able to operate both night and day by simply using exterior heat (without sunlight), starting from outside temperatures of +23 Degrees Celsius.



The Blue Building Technical Room


The Blue Building Technical Room is the actual ‘heart’ of the building. Whether placed inside the building, e.g. in the basement, or externally as a small building of its own, it contains the building’s technology. Interesting for new community areas: one external technical room can supply up to 4 single-family homes.


The cold/hot water supply for the cooling or heating system for the water taps, as well as for the ambient heating system, is located there. The built-in Blue Air Purification System is also installed there. The house is constantly supplied with fresh and purified air via a special pipe system, while used air is extracted - it is actually no longer necessary to open the windows to let in fresh air.


The indoor climate settings can be adjusted individually by the residents. Therefore, each room has its own control system. The system itself is externally monitored and can be adjusted in case of a malfunction remotely by an experienced Blue Building technician.


The systems run at a low sound level:


30 - 45 dB during the day

20 - 30 dB during the night


Blue Building only uses energy-efficient machines, which are supplied by a trusted partner of Blue Building. You will not only feel the difference in terms of your well-being, but also see it on your electricity bill.


In the Middle East, several projects have already been equipped with this system, which are operating successfully.



Blue Air



Blue Air Control is part of the Blue EcoPower system. It is an air and climate control system that is based on water instead of treated air. It provides the most healthy and comfortable living environment available today, allowing occupants a hygienic, fungus, allergy and draft free existence.


Humidity will be increased or reduced to approximately 45% and providing ideal conditions for the well being of the inhabitants. Particles causing allergies or diseases will be filtered. An exchange rate of up to eight times of the volume per hour can be achieved without experiencing any draft. Windows can be kept close, resulting in a substantial reduction of energy costs. At the same time security and comfort are improved.

The Cooling / Heating Ceiling


With the Cooling-Heating Ceiling, Blue Building offers an intelligent and sophisticated system, which keeps both building costs and energy usage to a minimum. The Cooling-Heating Ceiling effectively cools resp. heats the room without developing drafts or creating noise that exists with conventional air-conditioning units.


The technology is based on a piping system which is cast into the ceiling according to the ceiling plan. In operation together with a reversible heat pump, the system can also be used for extensive air conditioning in the summer. Cold water flows through the piping system in the ceiling to absorb excess heat from the air in the room, reducing the temperature of the ambient air.


Every ceiling element is individually manufactured according to plan. A fully cast piping system covering the entire surface of the ceiling is what makes our ceiling such a highly efficient heating and cooling system.


This system is adjustable. A central and cost efficient chilling unit will provide cold water, saving up to 80 % energy.



The climate control is based on water as a medium instead of treaded air. Blue Building provides a healthy and comfortable living environment without all problems regarding to hygiene touch as fungus, allergies and draughts.

Blue Blocks


Thermal protection pays off.


It becomes increasingly important for architects, designers and builders to handle energy related design issues with great care. Requirements of construction physics for exterior walls have increased. Wall elements made of light weight concrete provide excellent thermal insulation criteria for both summer and winter temperatures.


Light weight concrete provides best performance in sound protection, sound damping and sound absorption. Light weight concrete is fire-proof. It is certified as a fire-proof building material. Blue Building wall elements can be installed as firewall.


Blue Building houses are planned individually and tailor-made. From the planning stage until hand-over of keys, the Blue Building® system provides technical support to the architect, civil engineer and client, preventing potential sources of error. The system consists of the Blue Block System (wall), ceiling and roof elements, which are connected by a tongue and groove concept and can be adapted to current needs. These elements are calculated with CAD software and then prefabricated.


The building technologies used were developed specifically for the Blue Building® Concept. Some developments (for example the Pascal Stone thermal insulation) have taken 25 years and are also used in other Blue Building® innovations. The concept of Blue Building® construction dates back in part to ancient times. Experience from other low-energy house standards, especially the German standard, has also been incorporated. The Blue Building® houses meet and exceed the requirements of the German passive house. The extraordinary ease of transport and assembly further distinguishes the Blue Building® system from competing prefabricated building systems.


Blue Building® elements come with an integrated cooling and heating system, air conditioning, thermal and sound insulation as well as fire and corrosion protection. Additional wall covers are unnecessary. All technologies shown are proven systems by European DIN and are operating successfully in Germany and worldwide.



Constructing according to the Blue Building Concept, governments will save huge amounts in the public health care system, as well in saving energy. The difference of energy consumption between ordinary concrete (80,000 kW) and the Blue Building System (1,800 kW) is for the same villa 78,200 kW per year.

Irradiation System


With the irradiation system, the molecular structure of the Pascal Stone is modified. This modification serves to stabilise and close the surface after irradiation with intense light bombardment by mixing it with mineralising liquid. The efficiency and lifetime of the Pascal Stone are thus significantly increased.


The result: a petrifaction of the Pascal Stone as nature has shown for millions of years and which is known in the form of fossils such as fossilised fish, snails, wood etc.


A special developed light is throwing electrons by their natural gyrating way (around their Atomic Nucleus) with high intensity into the material. So the molecular structure will be modified, the material never will be the same. This modification of molecular structure becomes stabilised and mineralized during light bombarding and mixing with a fluid. 


The crystal shape can be designed differently depending on the starting material and the parameters of the modification. The crystals formed on the surface can now no longer be removed mechanically (rubbing, dusting ...). The crystalline inorganic material remains present in the organic substrate of the boundary layers and is almost indestructible. 


As a result, a kind of hybrid crystal is formed on the surface of the piece under consideration, which molecularly connects the organic molecular chain with the inorganic crystal structure of the silicate. The crystal formation in the surface boundary layer of the piece shows a 17,000-fold magnification of a single crystal in the left image of a scanning electron microscope.


Blue Windows


More sound insulation or more thermal insulation? More design or more economic efficiency?


These combined requirements on modern new buildings or renovations have increased significantly over recent years. The window always plays a key role in this regard, because, as an especially sensitive part of the house, it contributes significantly to the buildings overall design, including energy consumption, sound insulation and security. We are setting new benchmarks – but not just with the high performance of our PVC-U windows. This new generation of profiles strikes just the balance between diverse technical requirements – between what is desirable, and what is feasible.


Heat protection glass, triple glass, having a Ug value of 0.5 W/(m²K) 

in accordance with DIN EN 673.

Blue Glass


When constructing a low energy building one of the biggest hurdles to energy consumption is thermal transfer through glass. However, using a combination of Pascal Stone and Vacuum technologies the Blue Building Foundation has created “Blue Glass” that has an unprecedented U value of less than 0.1, whilst minimizing glass usage to a simple double glazed unit.


Furthermore, the technique for producing Blue Glass creates extra strength in the glass, so much so that single sheets of glass are produced to bulletproof standards; hence the applications for this type of glass go much further than just building and construction.