The Blue Building AUS Project UAE is a success

The modification project of 4 villas to the Blue Building System has been completed in November 2018 – with outstanding results!


The UAE region is one of the most inhospitable regions in the world – with many challenges such as temperatures up to 52°C during the summer months, humidity levels up to 85% (similar to a finish sauna) regular dust storms and increasing levels of air pollution as registered worldwide. In short: the perfect location to apply the Blue Building System to create a healthy indoor atmosphere with focus on improving our environment.



With the implementation of the Blue Building System indoor temperatures can be lowered to less than 18°C any time of the year, with the system working in complete silence. The indoor air quality is unmatched worldwide with PM values at almost 0.


The system operates with low energy consumption rates and zero water wastage – core values of the Blue Building Foundation.


Additional features such as sound insulation and specially developed windows to ensure maximum natural daylight inside the villas add further value to the indoor living environment of the buildings.


We could not have achieved this success without the support of His Highness, Sheik Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi and the Government of Sharjah, the American University of Sharjah (AUS) and our international business partners and would like to express our gratitude for their trust and support.


Together with local and international business partners the Blue Building Foundation is currently identifying future projects as several potential partners on the international market have expressed their interest.

Blue Building AUS Villa Modification Project 2017 - 2018


Modification works were carried out in 2017 - 2018 on the first four villas built at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in 1997 using Blue Building technology – creating up to 80 percent savings in water and energy consumption each year.


The Blue Building Concept combines the most up-to-date building techniques with ground-breaking advances in sustainable construction. It represents the culmination of 30 years’ of research and development into environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.  The result are buildings that not only promote a cleaner and safer future for the planet but are also bespoke and design-led that can be produced at low cost and in short timeframes.


“AUS has decided to adopt the unique Blue Building technology to achieve a sustainable environment, featuring ecofriendly design while minimizing the CO2 balance,” said AUS Chancellor Dr. Björn Kjerfve. “This building concept, using environmentally friendly materials and systems that reduce energy consumption by up to 80%, will revolutionize the building industry in the UAE and lead the way to a healthier living environment at affordable prices,” he added.


Together with a local construction company, the project officially started on July 20, 2017. Key elements of the modified housing units will include:


60-80 % energy saving


99.9 % reduction of indoor dust particles


50-60 % constant humidity


110 % more internal light intensity indoor


110 % more UV light indoor


99 % reduction of odour


90 % less energy output for hot water supply



The implemented cooling system in the project is a reversible heating–cooling system, which operates completely silently, with temperatures adjustable in every room. Because of specially developed walls and windows, temperature swings and noise levels due to outside conditions are minimized.


The Environmentalist, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Building Holding says:


“The Blue ‘Positivism’ philosophy is based on supporting the environment through renewable energy.  Our designs are founded on scientific studies, ensuring that the buildings we create are fit for purpose and will allow for water and energy savings in the long-term. I am excited by the precedent being set by this project and look forward to additional projects where this philosophy can be further applied”.


The project will be completed in November 2018 with outstanding results of indoor air quality and cooling sufficiency.


With minimal consumption of energy the villas are cooled down to 20°C and humidity levels around 55% with 0 noise levels and water wastage.


Dust particle levels of PM10 and PM2,5 are below the standard levels in hospitals or other environmentally friendly buildings – a unique achievement in the international building industry.