The Blue Building AUS Project UAE is a success



 The modification project of 4 villas to the Blue Building System has been completed in November 2018 – with outstanding results!


The UAE region is one of the most inhospitable regions in the world – with many challenges such as temperatures up to 52°C during the summer months, humidity levels up to 85% (similar to a finish sauna) regular dust storms and increasing levels of air pollution as registered worldwide. In short: the perfect location to apply the Blue Building System to create a healthy indoor atmosphere with focus on improving our environment.



With the implementation of the Blue Building System indoor temperatures can be lowered to less than 18°C any time of the year, with the system working in complete silence. The indoor air quality is unmatched worldwide with PM values at almost 0.


The system operates with low energy consumption rates and zero water wastage – core values of the Blue Building Foundation.


Additional features such as sound insulation and specially developed windows to ensure maximum natural daylight inside the villas add further value to the indoor living environment of the buildings.


We could not have achieved this success without the support of His Highness, Sheik Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi and the Government of Sharjah, the American University of Sharjah (AUS) and our international business partners and would like to express our gratitude for their trust and support.


Together with local and international business partners the Blue Building Foundation is currently identifying future projects as several potential partners on the international market have expressed their interest.


More information and details on the Blue Building System implemented in the AUS Villas here




ADAGE 2018 - The Environmentalist



Quod sumus hoc eritis

Just as we are – so you will be


A philosophy that has inspired me in the last few days to reflect. Some interpret the dialogue between the dead and the living; However, I prefer to interpret the Knowledge.


What did we decide for:


For white or for black?

Are we swimming with or against the current?

Should we present negative events in a positive way?

Are we committed to the truth and do we convey it through reason?


Just as we teach our children to live, so they will be later.


2016 was the most polluting year since human history. Officially, air pollution deaths increased to 9.6 million deaths, with economic losses of $ 5.6 trillion (representing 6.2% of global economic turnover). The environment has been dramatically destroyed and the vast majority of people do not even acknowledge it. "I do not want to know, or I cannot change anything anyway" are the most common answers. How was 2017 and how will 2018 be...


This year I have been able to experience many positive events and supports. Thus, a light could be kindled, with the hope that it spread the motto “Just as we are – so you will be” – a lasting positive change on our children.


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How can we change the Environment for a better Future?


Blue is Life and Life is More
Blue is Life and Life is More

Perhaps not the easiest question to answer in a world where traditionally governments and commercial organizations of all sizes, may have behaved in a way which put power, profit and self-interest much higher on their agendas than environment issues. Where the individual concerned for the future of the environment, finds it hard for their voice to be heard while those with the technological ambition and ability struggle for support of their program and ideas.


However …

The situation is changing and those involved that have been an impediment to progress are very slowly beginning to realize the imperative need of environmental sustainability. But the progress is still not fast enough and much more must be done. Together we must create an environment in which knowledge, technological skills and power to apply these can be rapidly and harmoniously integrated.


If we want to reach our target, we have to swim against the current. If we are determined to so, we shall be able to change the environment in a sustainable and most positive way.  Actions must speak louder than words.


How …

Change has already begun; it is the aim and purpose of The Blue Building Foundation. It cannot address all environmental issues, but is based on the firm footings of the Blue Building Concept ,that seeks to promote action: a world of energy efficiency and environmental protection by uniting disparate knowledge and initiatives to create a cohesive force for positive change in the construction sector. Independent and in close cooperation with the respective governments, companies and the general population, neutral with the focus to find the right solutions, the Blue Building Foundation is changing the environment in the best possible way.         



Your role...

The Blue Building Foundation needs you, whether as an individual or organization. Your ideas, technology, knowledge, position and power to influence are needed to spearhead positive change. The Blue Building Foundation needs you and those you know, who share your views to become users and to show how your expertise can influence a movement that makes a major difference. Together we can become a force for good that reinvents the built environment, building a sustainable future for everyone.



“From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow"  -  Act now to help us grow this seed!




The Environmentalist and the Blue Building Foundation Team, - reinventing the Built Environment