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"We want to introduce the Blue Building Concept, to ensure standards for sustainable building through the highest demands to preserve and protect our environment:


… to minimise human beings’ carbon footprint.”


With the Blue Building® Concept the BREAKTHROUGH of innovative technologies are introduced to the market for our environment.


In terms of sustainability, the Blue Building® Concept is a proven leader.


The future of building technology is focused on sustainable construction - The Blue Building® Concept will offer a new standard in sustainable and energy-efficient construction in the future.



Blue Building®

We are the Original


“Dominium terrae” (Dominion over the Earth)

The mission for Good


Blue Building® Holding is a company that works with experienced scientists, companies and people around the world for our environment.


According to the quote,


“Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”


we want to create a voice for the environment worldwide together. However, we don't just want words to flow, we want to put them into practice.


From the Principles of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (excerpt):


“Man has the fundamental right to freedom, equality and adequate conditions of life, in an environment of a quality that permits a life of dignity and well-being, and he bears a solemn responsibility to protect and improve the environment for present and future generations. In this respect, policies promoting or perpetuating apartheid, racial segregation, discrimination, colonial and other forms of oppression and foreign domination stand condemned and must be eliminated.”


“The natural resources of the earth, including the air, water, land, flora and fauna and especially representative samples of natural ecosystems, must be safeguarded for the benefit of present and future generations through careful planning or management, as appropriate.“


“The discharge of toxic substances or of other substances and the release of heat, in such quantities or concentrations as to exceed the capacity of the environment to render them harmless, must be halted in order to ensure that serious or irreversible damage is not inflicted upon ecosystems. The just struggle of the peoples of ill countries against pollution should be supported.”


“Science and technology, as part of their contribution to economic and social development, must be applied to the identification, avoidance and control of environmental risks and the solution of environmental problems and for the common good of mankind.”


Words are the clothing of our thoughts, actions are an expression of our responsibility. Words are like the roots of a tree. One of their purest roots has its origin in responsibility. Responsibility means creating something and not destroying it.


Action means responsibility, even for an action that we do not take. 


How can we change the Environment for a better Future?


Blue is Life and Life is More
Blue is Life and Life is More

Perhaps not the easiest question to answer in a world where traditionally governments and commercial organizations of all sizes, may have behaved in a way which put power, profit and self-interest much higher on their agendas than environment issues. Where the individual concerned for the future of the environment, finds it hard for their voice to be heard while those with the technological ambition and ability struggle for support of their program and ideas.


However …

The situation is changing and those involved that have been an impediment to progress are very slowly beginning to realize the imperative need of environmental sustainability. But the progress is still not fast enough and much more must be done. Together we must create an environment in which knowledge, technological skills and power to apply these can be rapidly and harmoniously integrated.


If we want to reach our target, we have to swim against the current. If we are determined to so, we shall be able to change the environment in a sustainable and most positive way.  Actions must speak louder than words.


How …

Change has already begun; it is the aim and purpose of the Blue Building Team. It cannot address all environmental issues, but is based on the firm footings of the Blue Building Concept ,that seeks to promote action: a world of energy efficiency and environmental protection by uniting disparate knowledge and initiatives to create a cohesive force for positive change in the construction sector. Independent and in close cooperation with the respective governments, companies and the general population, neutral with the focus to find the right solutions, the Blue Building Holding is changing the environment in the best possible way.         


Your role...

Blue Building needs you, whether as an individual or organization. Your ideas, technology, knowledge, position and power to influence are needed to spearhead positive change. We needs you and those you know, who share your views to become users and to show how your expertise can influence a movement that makes a major difference. Together we can become a force for good that reinvents the built environment, building a sustainable future for everyone.



“From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow"  -  Act now to help us grow this seed!




The Blue Building Team, - Reinventing the Built Environment